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Bridgeport Manufacturing


Bridgeport Manufacturing is a family owned and operated business that has been in serving the waste industry for over twenty years. They offer a complete line of state of the art automatic and semi-automatic side front and side loading refuse collection bodies. 

Side Loaders
Side Loaders

Body Sizes Available: 20 - 38 Yards
7.5 Second Cycle from Side of Truck
Tapered Body for Easy Unloading
Continuous Packing
Tubular Rails - Body Mounted Arm Design

96" Arm Reach 
In Gear At-Idle Hydraulics
4-Way Joystick Control & Rocker Switch Pad
32-90 Gallon Universal Grippers
Self-Locking Tailgate w/ Waterproof Seal
2 Hopper Clean-out Doors
Strobe Array and Work Lights

Recommended Double Frame Chassis Configuation:

     Body Size               CA            Front Axle                Rear Axle

  25 - 29 Cubic Yards     178" - 198"    18,000 Lbs      20,000 Lbs - Single
  33 - 37 Cubic Yards      200" - 220"   18,000 Lbs     40,000 Lbs - Tandem

Side Loaders

Left hand side door. Hoist and tailgate safety valve. Body props. Hot shift PTO or front mount pump. Automatic pack cycle. One piece hydraulic tailgate with regenerating seals. Automatic tailgate locks. 42 gallon reservoir, sight gauge, suction strainer and cleanout cover.


 34-45 Cubic Yard Capacity
8,000 lb. Arm Capacity
12 Second Arm Cycle
12 Cubic Yard Hopper Capacity
17 Second Packer Cycle
110,000 lb Packing Force 


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